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When it comes to vatican museum rome, there is a need to list out a vast number of museums and galleries which made up this huge collection of showcases. When you try to list out the number of great art works and artists found in Vatican museums, it requires a book to fill in. in the year 1506, Pope Julius II started the collection of Vatican by purchasing the sculpture of Laocoon. From then, this museum has developed to the dozens of museums and galleries. Now, there are thousands of fine art works found in the Vatican Museums.

One of the most important museums of the Vatican community is Etruscan museum and it was established in 1837. The art work of this museum includes historic sarcophagi of Egypt or ancient mosaics. Another amazing collection of this community is Gallery of Tapestries. This contains wonderful wall hangings that belong to fifteenth century to 17th century. The next important piece of Vatican museum that can be explored with vatican museum ticket is the gallery of maps. There are forty panels which are painted directly on the walls of the gallery. These paintings represent the regions of the world in the form of map. Looking at these maps will be both fascinating and more artistic.

The Raphael Rooms are worth to be mentioned and you should not miss exploring them when you plan for a vacation with vatican museum tickets. Here, you will find 4 rooms which are connected and these rooms were built between 1447 and 1455. You can see some of the excellent works of well known artist Raphael. As all these rooms were decorated by Raphael, these rooms were called by his name and they are devoted to showcase his arts. When you enter into the Vatican Picture gallery, then it is worth to visit the great works of Giotto, Van Dyck, Perugino and Poussin.

It doesn't take much guessing to know what is in the Vatican Picture Gallery. But it is definitely worth a visit to see great art by some of the great masters of history including Van Dyck, Perugino, Poussin and Giotto. If you visit Gregorian Museum with vatican museums tickets, you can find profane arts which mean that the arts are not sacred in nature.

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