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[] is a financial portal which provides a broad range of investments, financial planning advisory services and real estate solutions to a wide spectrum of audience. This includes equities, insurance, mutual funds, real estate and banking products. We provide unbiased, honest and transparent advisory services to people. aims to become the biggest and most trusted online market place for insurance, mutual funds, banking products such as loans and credit cards and real estate solutions.

Our customers get one-stop-solution for all of their personal finance related queries. We reduce the pain and effort of customers getting specific advice by visiting different companies or searching the internet. People who are looking for car loan, car insurance, home insurance, pension plan, child plan, children education plan, home loan, Demat account, stock information, stock tips, company financials, stock prices, company data, equity research reports, fixed deposits, tax planning, mutual funds, gold investment, commodity research, Islamic investments schemes, credit card offers, personal loans, business loans etc will visit our website. All the products are just a click away from them. They just need to place a request while team does the rest. The services available to people are free of costs.

Apart from a financial value proposition, we have a social mission as well, which is to make every Indian financially literate and a responsible financial planner and investor. By publishing articles and providing online tools free of costs, we create awareness of economy, financial planning, taxation and investments among people. By reading our articles people will be able to make uniformed decision on equities, insurance, mutual funds, real estate and banking products. To fully implement this, we plan to create an online database of all the necessary and required resources for the people.

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