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Looks Great!!! Main Page Browse and Links

  • Can we change the behavior of the <urlname>/<urldesc>appended URL to make it clickable? Maybe style it differently?
  • When we need to make changes to the "Universe" level categories or featured sub-categories, do we edit the "browse page" (which is included into the main page)? Or do we edit the main page directly?

--webseo 05:47, 8 Apr 2005 (PDT)

Thanks! Yes, we can mike it clickable (I was assuming, in SEO, that this might be bad? Too many links? I don't know, that's your field!) Sure, we can style it however we want, any html. The appended url is generated by the urldesc tags. We can do quite a lot, the only limitation I can think of right now is that they output must come in the same order as the tags (but even as I write that, I remember that I was working on something last night that saves a value when it processes the urlname tag, and uses it again for the urldesc tag).
Yes, exactly, edit the Browse page. That {{stuff}} format is called a template, and you can use it to include the contents of one page in another. I'm still learning about that a little, myself.
--Aerik Sylvan 07:04, 8 Apr 2005 (PDT)
New main page looks great! I changed the div align to class="center" which I found as pre-existing class. Just a tad cleaner. I think the style problem is a FireFox (and probably Netscape also) problem limited to "inline" styles. I have never had a problem with text-align="center" and FF when I use externally style sheets. I will try to research this more for future reference. You have to design for IE and then double check to make sure it is usable in other browsers. I think the table looks better in IE than FF. What do you think?
--webseo 13:06, 9 Apr 2005 (PDT)
Can we get the www prefix not to display when you look at the listings at the category/sub-category level? I think it would look much better. Maybe you could make a check box for inserting (and displaying) the www prefix for listings that need it. As a test, the www.whitemud dot us site has to have the www pre-pended to work (due to ultra-cheapo hosting).
--webseo 13:13, 9 Apr 2005 (PDT)

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Hi All,

I'm Nancy Berger, marketing director for Kappix. I'd like to invite you to visit my discussion page on employee scheduling software. Whether you're a retailer, developer, or organization member, you can help me pass on your feedback/ideas regarding what makes an ideal employee scheduling software.

The Wikidweb url for the Kappix discussion page is [[1] (]

Thanks, Nancy

Isn't this just spam? --Wikikiwi 19:15, 26 Oct 2006 (MDT)
Pretty much... --Aerik Sylvan 13:57, 1 Nov 2006 (MST)

Dear Wikikiw and Aerik

Mine is an earnest attempt to open a discussion about the needs of people using employee scheduling software; definitely not a spam attempt. I am involved in designing a scheduling product and would like to involve users in the process.

Unfortunately, my attempt to reach out to people in the field (developers, users) is not bearing results so far.

Thank you, Nancy from kappixteam

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SunGap Guarda-sol e Guarda-Chuva

A Sun Gap e lider na confecção de Guarda-Sol e Guarda-Chuva personalizado seja para Hoteis, Eventos e Promoções nós entregamos com qualidade e pontualidade faça chuva ou faça sol. ]

A SunGap uma empresa experiente com espírito Jovem com seu objetivo de oferecer produtos e serviços de qualidade, assim como atender e interpretar as necessidades de seus clientes. Localizada na cidade de São Paulo e logo depois em seus atuais instalações em Taboão da Serra, onde moderniza suas maquinarias e contrata funcionários especializados em todos os passos da fabricação, oferece ao mercado, guarda-sol, guarda-chuva e ombrelones, A SunGap conta com fornecedores selecionados que cumprem com os mesmos objetivos em atendimento e qualidade de produtos.

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