Wikidweb:To Do List

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This is the list of things that need to be fixed or developed - please add suggestions on the discussion page

  • Fix subcategories of "Legal" - only gets first two (???)
  • keep adding help pages
  • fix links in redirected pages to point to new pages
  • develop listing and editing guidelines? (in progress)
  • add spell-checker, if feasible
  • develop comprehensive plan for mature/adult content (remove from random pages, figure out what to do with search and categories)
  • research whether anything can be done about case sensitivity of categories
  • remove trailing slash in new edits (no urls in directories have trailing slashes, do they?)
  • hack the "Add" code to respond if a user tries to add a page with a ? in it (no dynamic content)
  • filter for people thinking ".tld" really nees to be at the end of their entries
  • add mechanism for quick flagging of entries, like craigslist ("broken link","promotional", "illegal", others?)
  • Make the search case insensitive (checking for already listed sites)


  • add something to category listings saying "please don't edit me!" (added pointer to help page)
  • change main page redirect to be more search engine friendly (added line in htaccess - seems that default behavior is to use temporary redirects - need to research further, later)
  • work on Main_Page overall user interface, address feedback to be more intuitive and user friendly... "more like a directory"? Possibly list categories on Main_Page for easy browsing (like other directories).
  • do simple validation on new directory entries (looks like it could possibly be a domain?)
  • fix "Special:Statistics" to show correct numbers
  • add link in nav menu for new pages
  • Filter for "We" at the beginning of an entry.