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Do you really want to list your own website??? Some people have recently contacted me asking me to remove articles. This directory is intended to be a public resource just as much or perhaps more than it is intended to be a tool to help people get visibility for their websites. As such, we have a policy of not removing content as that would go against the mission of the directory. Matt Cutts recently wrote about this at

Note that our stance it that what Google is doing, however well intentioned, is ridiculous and ill-conceived.

So, if you've come here to promote your own website, you should be aware of what Google is doing.

However, we really hope you'll create a listing. Also, for the record, here is our deletion policy

Finally - what do you think about Google's policy? We'd love to hear it

--Aerik Sylvan 16:33, 5 Sep 2012 (EDT)