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Hi There! Thanks for coming to Wikidweb, I hope you like it.

Please note that you are using this site completely at your own risk - reading, editing, submitting a page, anything - it's all you. We can guarantee nothing, as the nature of wiki is that anyone can do almost anything, pretty much anonymously.

Also, any use of this site by you is contingent upon your acceptance of these disclaimers and any other published terms and conditions, guidelines, etc. These are subject to change at any time without notice. Most noteworthy of these is the following:

  • By using this site in any way, you agree that you're not going to sue anybody due to any perceived or actual shortcomings. We'd love to have you, but if you don't agree that you're visiting/editing/contributing/etc completely at your own risk, please leave.
  • You agree not to post or link to any illegal materials on this site. You also agree not to post or edit in any way that violates your local laws, or creates an illegal situation for the wiki directory. Yes, this is a bit vague and a tall order, but you're the one doing the editing! If some content may even be borderline, it may be edited or deleted, or it may also be edited or deleted for no reason whatsoever. Since this site is free (both as in beer and as in freedom), we won't feel too bad in doing so.

Privacy Policy: We collect very little personal information about you, and have no plans to sell it to anyone. We may use information such as server logs, etc., to analyze trends and the like. So basically, don't worry that we're going to sell your info to spammers.

Now that that's out of the way... have fun!