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Welcome to the Wiki Directory of the Web!

Wikidweb (Wiki Directory of the WEB, or Wiki'd Web) is a free, open, instant internet directory - like the Open Directory Project, but more open.

Instantly. For Free. That's why this directory exists - to have the most open, accessible, FREE directory on the net.

You can help! In addition to adding a link to a site or page (preferably sites that aren't already well known), reviewing other pages, you can refine the directory content by editing entry descriptions, categorizing them, pointing out and linking to highlights of sites (always being as objective as possible, you may give your personal opinions on the discussion page).

When you can create an account (free, of course), you get added functionality, such as "my watchlist", "my contributions" and customizing your interface.

Want to go farther? Here are links to projects, ideas, and discussions: