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Wikidweb (Wiki Directory of the WEB, or Wiki'd Web) is a free, open, instant internet directory. Here you can add a link to any site or page (but preferably sites that aren't already well known), review other pages, and edit entry descriptions. Optionally, you can create an account (which can still be anonymous, if you'd like) to get added functionality, such as "my watchlist", "my contributions" and customizing your interface.

Note that by using the wiki directory you agree to all terms and conditions on the Disclaimers page.

Why a Wiki Directory of the Web? I saw a need, an opportunity to do something people will find useful.

There are some fundamental problems with search engines that the Open Directory Project is trying to solve, and there are some fundamental problems with the Open Directory Project. Mainly, the ODP is actively excluding many submissions because they are filtering for only the best content - and that's okay, but that leaves quite a large gap. To get into most search engines, you must either be linked to (and how is the person linking to you going to find your page in the first place?) or pay to be listed. Obviously, we need something better.

Another key difference between this directory and others is that the category structure. In the Open Directory (and most others), listings can belong to one category only - of course in real life, things do not often fit that neatly. Here, documents can belong to multiple categories, and categories can be created on-the-fly. One immediate benefit of this is that pages can be listed both in a general format (like the ODP) and in 'vertical' categories, allowing browsers to find content in several ways.

Something open, something free - free as in "no cost" and free as in "unconstrained." Thus, a wiki internet directory.--Aerik Sylvan 10:02, 3 Feb 2005 (PST)