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Greetings From Wakish

Hi Aerik, I'm Wakish and it's the first time I come across your website / wiki. It's a wonderful thing that you are doing here and you have my support if needed.

I would also want to make a suggestion: it would be cool if we could have an avatar on our profile.

My best regards, - Wakish - (

Hi! Thank you! I'm glad you like the directory. Let me see what I can do about an avatar... It might be possible to hotlink to one now (or, if nothing else, I can add that ability quickly). What I'm working on next is a "who's online right now" function, and then an ajax chat. What do you think? --Aerik Sylvan 12:10, 17 Dec 2008 (PST)

Hi Aerik

I couldn't find any contact information for you, so after reading most of the help files, I thought I'd try here.

I successfully added one site to the wikidweb and have linked to you from my Free Directory Listings page of my webmaster resources. I tried to add another site and the link showed up as "not on whitelist". I am confused by your explanation of the whitelist concept. Perhaps you could elaborate on this.

I think this is a great idea and could grow into a wonderful resource. I realize the potential of spam abuse is quite high, but what good is a directory that doesn't allow external links. Also, why was I able to add one listing and not the second.

Please feel free to contact me. I assume you have access to my email address.

Sorry if I messed anything up by posting this here.

Edit later > I also find a couple of other things confusing:

How do you add a new category/sub category (path)?

Is there some sort of notifier on the "Watch" feature.

Thanks for the feedback

Hi! Thanks for your feedback!

No "nofollow" Regarding the issues around spam and the nofollow tag - the tag is not on links from the listings in the directory, only on some of the fixes links which show up on every page, so this should not be a problem. Wikidweb has already been indexed by Google and pages are starting to show up on search results, so I think everything is fine there...

Whitelist & spam External links may only be created by the special tags generated by the add new entry form. Using these tags, each page has one link to the website that is the name of the page. This gives users great flexibility to add any page, but only one time.

The whitelist is a locked list of urls which may be linked to in the usual wiki fashion. The code for this kicks in when the page is output, so I can add to the whitelist to allow links that already exist to become active. Additionally, the whitelist always includes the current page, so you may reference your own subdirectories or individual pages within your entry. For instance, if there was an entry for, I could say "My weblog is at" and the whitelist would let me link to "" but only on the listing for

Regarding the entry you added that didn't work - when you updated the entry, it looks like you took took out the tags that make the link, and made it a regular external link. I've fixed this, and it looks like I need to add some documentation and maybe modify the toolbar... I hope the functioning is clear now?

Posting to my talk page is fine! that's what they're there for, discussion. Also, users who choose to supply an email (always optional) may be emailed via an anonymous email form (click "email this user" in the "toolbox" menu on the lower left from the user's page).

Categories Categories take a little getting used to. A listing is categorized by adding an internal link to the category, like [[Category:Computers and Internet]] - to create a new category, just link to it - if it doesn't exist, a blank page for it is created. To make it a subcategory, edit the category page and link to the higher level category. Mediawiki does not have a category structure of "category/subcategorylevel1/subcategorylevel2". Instead, you may create hierarchical or matrixed categories, or a structure that is a combination of both (which is what I envision - I think this is less limiting and more powerful than strict hierarchical categories). Help The help pages are not locked, so users are welcome to help develop them. At this time I have locked only a couple of pages, which I felt were high visibility and important to proper functionality. I am writing help pages based on the areas that seem to be the most confusing, etc., so this feedback is great! Please add to them too, if you're so inclined.

Thanks also for the compliment, for listing your site and linking to Wikidweb!

Thanks for your response and help

Hi Aerik,

Thanks for all your comments and help.

I'm still having a hard time fixing my original entry > webseodesign. When I first searched for that word, in order to get to the add page, I didn't search with the .com added, so the link defined by <urlname> doesn't have the .com included. How can I correct this? Where is this valued edited? I think that this might happen often and confuse new users. When I go back and use that tag, the link doesn't work (obviously).

I have never worked in a Wiki enviroment before and although I read the editing instructions, I couldn't find this type of information. Same thing with the categories. I see how you fine tuned my category(s) on webseodesign, thank you for that. I think it needs be explicitly stated that if you don't add the category, no one will find your listing (human or bot), except through the search function. I only realized this when I went to find what category I was listed in.

I think this is a really cool idea/project and appreciate your "human" intervention, but what happens when this site grows? Would other users reveiw and correct submission mistakes?

I'm still not clear on the "Watch this page" function. Is there an email notifier attached to the "my watchlist" function?

If you went to my site and saw my review, I noted the problems that I encountered. I will update that and post something at SEW to show my appreciation for your help.

Thanks again!


Now I see it - needs to be "moved"

Hi - now I get it! - the way to fix this is to "move" the entry. This can be done by any logged in user (a very small block to vandalism). So I've moved your page, and I'll put the tags back in. Note that, since the whitelist allows subdomains and pages, you were able to link to to your page, but with the no-follow tag. I'm thinking of removing the nofollow tag from all urls, since it is primarily and anti-spam measure, and I think the whitelist does that well. I read your write-up with great interest - thank you! - and your observations are correct - I am working to develop a community of editors much like wikipedia or dmoz, and the plan is that as the site grow, the categorization and routine changes and refinements to listings will be done by editors. The mission for this project is to supplement dmoz in the short term, and replace it in the long term. Not that I'm ambitious...

Also, I don't mind sharing the specific mechanism of the whitelist - the title of the page (which is set when you do the search by clicking "Go") is what sets the url, and that title (, for example) is added to the whitelist but only for that page . The <urlname>tag references the title and generates the link.

But you are very right about the help, I have a lot of documentation to do, and I'm prioritizing it based on feedback... (and if you would like to help, you're terrifically welcome!).

Thanks Again, Aerik

P.S. I'lll take your comment about the lack of contact information to heart too. I think I'll put a link in the "About wikidweb" page. Any other suggestions?

Main Page looks great!!

I really like the new main page. The help links at the top are very well placed. More later.....--webseo 19:09, 8 Apr 2005 (PDT)

Anonymous Users Should Not Be Allowed To Post External Links

Hi Aerik, this is a followup to a post you made on Meta regarding the idea I proposed there to reduce spam. You said that you have implemented it on here. Would you have any objection with sharing the source code to do that? We're getting hit pretty hard by a spammer on the Fastmail Wiki.. I pretty much decided to go ahead an begin developing this code, when I noticed you had already done so.

Nice idea, by the way.. this Wikidweb. I'll see about contributing later on.. kinda busy right now, but this definitely has a lot of potential!

Kander (from

Re: Anonymous Users Should Not Be Allowed To Post External Links

Hey Aerik, thanks for getting back to me this quickly. Your ideas both sound great; although like you said, there's a different environment in our two wiki's which probably means that the first bit will be rewritten to block posting completely, instead of not parsing the link. Do you have any suggestions on how to share the code? If you'd like to discuss this over email, feel free to drop me a line at: (wiki/at/kander/dot/promessage/dot/com) (note that mails sent there are likely to be forwarded to a group of people discussing the spam issue, and the wiki in general). Cheers, Kander.

Thanks and a question on images

Thanks for the welcome on my talk page. Regarding "polution", I just meant that I will build content for my listings at my user page rather than have drafts showing out on the actual listings. No use putting works in progress out there where finshed products below.

A question for you. Do you intend to turn on image upload at some point? As I build my listings out and describe features for the sites I hope to have some screen shots available to illustrate what is being discussed. Plus, it would be nice to have a screen shot thumbnail displayed with the main listing being that many people are visually oriented and likely to follow a listing with a picture of the page.

Hope to see this site grow. DMOZ seems to have had its day and it is time for something new out there. --StuffOfInterest 08:20, 6 Dec 2005 (PST)


Aerik, I categorized the A's that had not yet been categorized. I noticed that people are having trouble with creating categories. It actually took me about 1/2 hour to figure it out. Also, I would have liked to change some pages that people meant to be categories into categories (see Aragon). I ended up creating the "Aragon" Category and putting the Aragon page within it. It probably would have been cleaner if I could have taken the info from that page, put it on the Aragon Category and deleted the Aragon page altogether.



Hi, Aerik. I made an attempt to sort out some of these empty pages and categories, but I think I may have made things worse instead of better. I'm sure you can sort it out... I have great faith in you! - Jean 15:13, 8 Jan 2006 (MST)

Two suggestions

Aerik, two suggestions for you.

First, you may want to consider setting up one of the domains to forward to the others. Having two domains out there now ( and is spreading the traffic around (hurting your Alexa rating) and possibly causing duplicate content penalties on search engines such as Google. If the website is running on Apache there is a pretty easy rule which can be put in ".htaccess" to forward all traffic from one domain to another in such a way that Google's PageRank should follow along in time. Personally, I would vote for "" to be the primary domain name used.

Next, the Alexa rating is getting high enough now (65,142 for wikidweb) to justify an article on Wikipedia. With the domain traffic combined as suggested above I bet that the Alexa rating would drop to below 50,000 within a month or two. This would almost certainly meet notability guidlines. Perhaps it is time to start working on some article text for an eventual listing. That will almost certainly bring more attention to the directory. --StuffOfInterest 08:56, 18 Jan 2006 (MST)

Very Nice Entry


I ran into what I think is a very nice entry and might serve as a model for future entries. Check out Even though it involves a bit of self-promotion, I think it gives the searcher a bit better info about the link than your average search directory would give. It also has a better chance of enhancing our status on the web, by being picked up in the search engines.

--McGelligot 13:49, 27 Jan 2006 (MST)

Suggestion for 'Featured Listing"

Hi Arik

I cannot find a contact form/email for you (I understand why) so I hope this method of communicating is appropriate.

I am the founder of the Kindersite project that is a free resource being used by 11,540 schools in 137 countries for: Introduction to technology for early learners Introduction to English (First & Second Languages) Special needs

Please can you consider the Kindersite as a 'Featured Listing'

Finally, if you go to the foot of the 'About Us' page on the Kindersite, you will find a picture of my daughter Eli.

Kindersite Project

Description: Resource for preschool, kindergarten, teaching English (EFL/ESL). Graded games, songs and stories. Also Special needs (Autism Spectrum Disorders and Deaf/hard of hearing) -- (link blocked - not on whitelist)

Joel (contact details are on the Kindersite)

Hi Joel, Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out! --Aerik Sylvan 20:09, 16 May 2006 (MDT)

Can we have some sort of needs deletion category

I suppose I could create one (maybe there is one already), but we need some sort of mechanism for nominating entries that should be deleted (perhaps a couple of categories eg Category:Delete and Category:Delete_spindle_and_mutilate ;-). Into this category I will submit all entries that are just spam or need so much fixing that it's not worth anyones trouble. For instance some nice anonymous person has created a lot of websites using the same basic template but with different titles, fonts, background images and small articles on some topic or other. (eg ARTICLES-ON-FOOD.COM ALL-RECREATION-RESOURCE.COM) The articles may be mildly interesting but the sites as a whole seem to have no particular purpose other than generating clicks to their google-ad sponsors. If that's not bad enough they've then submitted them with URLs (and hence page name here) in upper case, no meaningful description, no meaningful category.
== They need moved to a standard lowercase named page, need looked at and described, and categorized - all for what? I vote that if someone can't even be bothered submitting their spammy entry properly, that you waste minimal time on it and delete it with prejudice!! ;-)

Great suggestion! There's a category Category:Needs_Attention but mabye a Category:Needs_Deletion would be good to add, and an appropriate distinction? What do you think? I'm with you; MFA sites are pretty useless, and scraper-fake-blog sites are even worse. The wiki directory is supposed to be pretty open, but a site has to have value other than tricking people into clicking ads. Thanks! --Aerik Sylvan 00:38, 26 Oct 2006 (MDT)
I now see that you already have a Category:Declined Listings which would suit my purposes fine. So the Category:Needs_Attention category is for sites with some value whose listing is screwed up or incomplete, Category:Declined Listings is for listings of sites that have no meaningful content or intent other than generating ad-clicks (eg scraper, parked, or made-for-adsense (MFA) sites) or are bad for the reputation of the directory. I see some of the listings already in this category have the reason listed in the site description, others have it as an html comment - which format do you prefer?
Perhaps the best idea is to comment out any <url> and <urldesc> parts and put the reason declined after that so that it will show when viewing the entry but won't pollute the description database. --Wikikiwi 14:25, 26 Oct 2006 (MDT)
Just realised, still need a Category:Needs_Deletion category for pages that are mis-create or redirection pages no longer required. Perhaps all three can go on the Special:Maintenance_page --Wikikiwi 16:46, 26 Oct 2006 (MDT)
Just been trawling through your pages and finally came across Category:Administrative_Categories that contains just what I was looking for Category:Deletion_Candidate !! so I'll use that.
There is also a Category:Flagged that appears to have been used as a test flag applied to new entries during June05 - if you have no objection (and they weren't flagged for some specific reason) I'll just remove them from that category so they'll show up as needing categorized (let me know) --Wikikiwi 21:42, 26 Oct 2006 (MDT)

Multiple sub domains on one site?

What do you want to do with this sort of thing:
--Wikikiwi 17:57, 26 Oct 2006 (MDT)

For similar structured websites eg and I've put them both on the page for the parent site (, with links to their different areas within the page (as I do with .../area2 etc). Trouble is is considered a different website from by your software and it doesn't display the external link. I'm not sure whether you can let these sorts of subdomains through easily unless you also take into account other country tld differences - eg if you let thru *.company1.tld you'll have, for example, all * sites breaking your external link ban. --Wikikiwi 22:31, 28 Oct 2006 (MDT)

Multiple sub domains on one site?

What do you want to do with this sort of thing:
--Wikikiwi 17:57, 26 Oct 2006 (MDT)

For similar structured websites eg and I've put them both on the page for the parent site (, with links to their different areas within the page (as I do with .../area2 etc). Trouble is is considered a different website from by your software and it doesn't display the external link. I'm not sure whether you can let these sorts of subdomains through easily unless you also take into account other country tld differences - eg if you let thru *.company1.tld you'll have, for example, all * sites breaking your external link ban. --Wikikiwi 22:31, 28 Oct 2006 (MDT)
Wow - I'm sorry I missed replying to this. I'm not sure of the best way to handle it either, but I'll see what I can do with the software filter to allow subdomains. Sorry again for the long delay in replying.--Aerik Sylvan 15:30, 20 Nov 2006 (MST)

I'm sorry

Hi Yes I was working for the first company as a freelance to do their PR. I had a disagreement and was told to go without reason. I was not in the wrong. In anger I decided to sabotage their competitors web site to make it look like them and their web site to make it look like their competitor. Today I heard from the director who despite being rude to me last week was in a changed mood and pleasant. I guess I was being childish and revengeful. I am sorry. People do stupid things when they are angry. I also made nasty comments on other forums that I had the passwords for and need to try and fix that too. It all got out of hand. The director doesn't know this and even though I don' work for them any more I am embarassed. Sorry.


Help Aerik

Hi Aerik,

Sorry to bother you, but I would like to add our website to the Wiki Directory but am unsure of how to do it properly, I had a go but I think I did it wrong and now the listing has been removed. I would like to add it under the Shopping category

Can you help



Hi, did you read the help pages? Please start there. Best Regards, Aerik

Name change requested

Could you change my username from jhayward at callone at com to "Jonathan Hayward", or else "jhayward",, or "jonathan.hayward", in the interest of avoiding UBE's? Sorry for the interruption; I didn't see how to change a username in the preferences and other such sections.


Is there any way you can remove the captcha requirement for me? It's a serious time requirement and I often type them in wrong; it would greatly speed up my editing capacity. I've made a lot of edits and I hope it's clear by now that I'm a legit editor. Thanks. Cazort 15:33, 18 Oct 2009 (PDT)

Thanks! It's really great to see that you are actively maintaining and improving the site. I've been engaged in a major cleanup...there were a lot of parked domains and dead domains in the food and drink category; I've been weeding them out and also trying to make the category more specific (i.e. putting things over into alcoholic beverages, cooking, restaurants, i created a new category catering since there were a lot of entries for that). I've also been trying to promote this site a bit. I think it's an awesome idea and I'd like to see more serious editors contributing to it. Cazort 13:56, 30 Oct 2009 (PDT)