From Wikidweb is a credit repair company. Guaranteed credit services. What would be better than knowing that once we remove the negative items from your credit reports, if for any reason they reappear we will remove them again at no additional cost to you.

Removal of Negative and Derogatory Items! Over 98% of our competitors only write dispute letters which seldom have any effect and is something you, the consumer, can do yourself for free. National Credit Associates has proprietary information that allows us to remove your questionable negative and derogatory items permanently.

We work with credit challenge clients who are need of credit services- Why should people care about there credit very simple everything is run by credit in todays world. If you want to purchase a car-Home Insurance-car insurance-credit cards-interest on anything you pay-Home mortgages. We work with companies who can help clients purchase a house with bad credit. or or

If you want to buy or sell a house with owner financing-contract for deed-seller financing theses sites are the place to go.

We can help you get your credit back on track- It does take time so dont wait till the last minute. Some Credit repair companies know this and offer a payment plans which may be a good idea but it can also have a negative impact think about it they get paid monthly what is the incentive to work hard to get things done? Just a thought. charges a one time fee and thats it we guarantee results.

Raising your credit score should be a top priority.

rest a sure once we start working on your credit we will continue to work on it. Credit repair-raising credit scores-repair credit is our top priority. score is where you want your score to be. Most credit card companies wont give you a credit care with out a 720 credit score unless you have an obscene rate. Most credit cards are 15%-21% with that said can you imagine what your interest rate would be with 500 credit if they would even give you a credit card. Getting a Fha mortgage you need to have at least a 620 score. You can see where I am going with all this. A bad credit score will cost you a lot of money and maybe to opportunity of purchasing a car or a house. Wether you use us or some other credit resolution company we highly recommend you start today and dont wait.