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New baby business launches business starts up

A ex city banker and now a busy mum of 2 living in Surrey explains how she has started up a small online web business called, selling unique baby gifts. The initial intention being to pay for school fees:-

I decided to start up a home based online web business to provide an income to cover school fees. Being a mum at home and looking after 2 small children means that during the day, while they are at school I have a few hours that can be used to work. Trying to get a part time job proved difficult. I want to be around for my children, to take them to school and to pick them up at the end of the day and be there when they are not well. A home based part time business seemed the ideal opportunity and would fit in around my available time.

I decided to start a business that I had hands on experience of at home. Initially the plan was to create some really lovely gift sets for newly arrived little ones. I wanted to make it easy to do, providing baby gifts, (link blocked - not on whitelist)  (, baby clothes, shoes, cards and also matching gifts for siblings too. I am now working on including pampering items and furniture all for new mums and babies on our website

I will be offering a wide variety of products, some handmade and sourced locally in the UK, some specifically hand crafted and made to order for us in California, others being more unusual items from around the world. I have been attending trade shows and am continually on the look out for new innovative and inspiring products. Where I can support fair-trade and organic produce I will do and I am also conscious of the volume of unnecessary packaging, so I aim to manage this well.

So where am I now? Well, since the idea was born and we are trading and sales are coming as our name gets known. Marketing has been via Google Ad words and MS Ad Centre which is working well. Suppliers are in place and established, as are all the banking and company registration information. We decided on using a web design company and a well know product for E commerce called Actinic to build the site with us managing the day to day running of it with product uploads etc. Maintenance of the website, general paperwork administration and orders keep me busy for around 4 hours a day, which fits in around my day just right. We have a number of interesting opportunities and ideas and can't wait to pursue them!

Top tips:

Select easy to use Ecommerce shopping cart software Just do it! Taking the first step is the hardest part Enthusiasm for your business is catching! Set objectives for your business

Looking back and I think as to how much we have achieved in a relatively short amount of time I still cannot believe it as to how much we have achieved and it has been extremely rewarding.