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Description: Designers and fabricators of 3-D visual merchandising props for trade show and retail floor and window displays, themed interior and exterior signs and environments, and scale replicas of logos and products for brand-building marketing campaigns.
-- ( was launched by Valley Monuments, Inc. to promote its design and fabrication group's capabilities to visual merchandising and marketing professionals who are looking for an affordable and reliable manufacturing partner for innovative, affordable and bold interior and exterior 3-D props, decoratives, brand-building signage, artificial and fake prop rocks, faux tree bark and masonry panels, and themed environments which the company accomplishes using durable and lightweight fiberglass, urethane, expanded polystyrene (EPS) foams and resins, cast stone and other materials as required by the project. ( explains how the firm's team of talented and experienced professionals specialize in creating unique and eye-catching 3-D props, scale model replicas, interior and exterior signage, theater standees for movie marketing, and other sales-enhancing visual accents for retail store window and floor displays, trade shows, permanent and temporary exhibits, church theming, restaurants, resorts and casinos, and other venues.

The manufacturing group's primary 50,000 sq. foot facility on the West Coast makes it possible for all of its essential design, fabrication and shipping departments to be located under one roof, with an equal amount of storage and staging space, resulting in a streamlined operation for a more cost-effective and timely finished product ready to be shipped anywhere in North America or internationally.

Under its "What We Can Do" section, the website features various visual merchandising categories with slide shows of photos showing just some of the many types of projects the group has completed on time and on budget.