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Philippine Herbal Medicines

Description: A reference site on the use of herbs as alternative medicine in the Philippines. It gives simple instructions on the preparation of each featured herb, the dosage and the manner of application or intake. Featured are the ten plants recommended by the department of health of the Philippines including: Akapulko (Cassia Alata), Ampalaya (Bitter Melon), Bawang (Garlic), Niyog-niyogan, Sambong, Tsaang Gubat, Bayabas (Guava), Ulasimang Bato and Yerba Buena. Other herbs on site are: Lagundi, Guyabano, Luya (Ginger), Mangosteen, Oregano, Pansit-pansitan, Sabila (Aloe Vera) and Banaba. Also featured on this site are some important trees & plants both herbal and non-herbal for reference like the banana plant, tuba-tuba, abaca, rubber tree and coconut tree.