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Title ( Pictures and Info about my VW Jetta GLX VR6


Excerpted from the website description:

So you want to know what ( is all about?... Simple it's about my Mk3 (MKIII) 1997 VW Jetta ( GLX VR6 ( I built this site ( as a example of what the common person can do to their VW (Volkswagen) ( The most important feature is the pictures for all to use when working on their car. I know most car enthusiast are visual learners like myself so I know how important it is to have as many pictures as possible. Also, I've included a few DIY ( (do it yourself) projects so all can learn how I did a few modifications on my car. Lastly for all you timeline ( lovers I have image gallery dedicated to show where I started and where my car is now.... be prepared for a lot of pictures.

Come take a look at (, every VW ( enthusiast will enjoy it!

You can also visit my page to view even more pictures. Just search for "nappent" to locate all of my images. (link blocked - not on whitelist)  (

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