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Hire a staff offshore | hire IT staff

Description: To hire quality IT staff by the month for an hourly rate as low as GBP £3.36 in India and the Philippines and also get mix of quality and value-for-money

At the Hire temp you are offer quality IT team with good experience. At hire a temp we offer following types of staff. Part and full time Web Designer,PHP Programmer,.NET Programmer,Certified System Administrator,24/7 Online Support,24/7 Web Host Technical Support

we also encourage you to "Why Outsource" Following items are discussed the benefits of outsourcing

'''Cut Your Costs''' - Have you ever wondered just how much time and money your business spends on information technology and customer support staffing?

'''Expand Your Talent Pool''' - Outsourcing to hire-a-temp will give you access to our extensive talent pool. What's more, we provide service on a month-to-month basis so you can easily adjust your staffing levels to meet your current requirements. Unlike hiring your own staff directly, you do not need to commit for the long term and can easily reduce your staffing levels during less busy periods.

'''Increase Your Output''' - The low cost of outsourcing to hire-a-temp means that you can have more staff than ever before, which means your business can move more quickly and gain a competitive advantage.

'''Stay Competitive''' - Outsourcing is fast becoming THE way to do business in the new millennium. Around the globe large companies and small businesses alike are looking for outsourced solutions in order to free up valuable resources and improve their bottom line.