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[Bihar's Best Nursing & Paramedical Institute:]

Our sponsoring body, Kalyan Seva Sansthan, had a very humble beginning in the initial years of 1990s. Our society came into existence with the motive of improving the health conditions in Bihar, which then was in a very pathetic situation. There were multidimensional reasons for this problem like poverty, illiteracy, unhygienic conditions, lack of hospitals etc. but the foremost cause was the lack of skilled health workers. In a state whose population was equal to Germany, had not even 1% of the health professionals as compared to that. There was an acute shortage of people in Allied health or Paramedical sector. Only few renowned Government Medical Colleges like Patna Medical College & Hospital (PMCH), Darbhanga Medical College and Ranchi Medical College provided courses in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Medical Lab Technology and Radiography.

So, our organization decided to establish a Paramedical college which will nurture the health sector of Bihar. After initial struggle, our hard work paid off and we received students from different corners of India and even from neighbouring countries like Nepal. But the organization didn’t indulge itself completely into education and continued its primary activity i.e. social work in many ways.