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Examples of Internal Linking wikicodes

Simple Internal Link

Simple Internal links have two brackets and only the namespace and page name, like this (wikicode is [[]])

Piped Link (Internal Only)

Internal links utilizing link text require that the namespace/page name be separated from the link text with the "| (pipe)" separator character, unlike external links which use a space as a separator, like this Wikidweb whatever (your link text can be different from the target, like with external links, wikicode is [[| Wikidweb whatever]]) and regular links to listing pages have no namespace, ([[]]) or Wikidweb's listing page ([[ | Wikidweb's listing page]])

Interwiki Linking

To link to a category page to another category page, you need to use the syntax from the Interwiki Linking scheme. Preceed the Category namespace with a colon: Greek Islands GR ([[:Category:Greek Islands GR|]]). This example uses the "Pipe Trick" (|). This separates the page name from the namespace without having to repeat the page name after the "pipe".

Additional Resources

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