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What is wikidweb?

Wikidweb is a wiki ( based directory which allows anyone to edit, add, or review listings. Also read about wikidweb.

Is this the same as the 'open directory project'?

Yes and no - it is meant to be a 'more open' implementation of the same concept - a directory where anyone can edit entries. There are some critical differences though, in both philosophy and implementation. More details about that are here.

Can anyone add a website to this directory?

Yes! For free, without even logging in, if you choose.

Should I add my website to this directory?

We'd welcome (almost) any thoughtful, well written content.

Can I add my homepage / business page ?

We welcome (almost) any personal or commercial content. (Note: illegal, unethical, pornographic, and just plain useless listings are NOT welcome...)

Can I add other people's websites?

Yes. They probably would appreciate the promotion. Even if they don't (strange people), there is no law to prevent linking to a website. When it comes to describing the site, try to keep the description positive, or at least objective. No unnecessarily negative comments. Please do not paste in copyrighted text or link to copyrighted images from other people's sites.

Can I add a porno site / illegal websites (e.g. warez/mp3 download links)?

We do not list sites with illegal content (warez, mp3 downloads, etc), and sites primarily pornographic in nature. Please note that all listings are subject to the disclaimer and terms of service and may be removed or edited at any time without reason.

What information should I provide?

Please provide, at a minimum, a descriptive link text (typically the title of the page) and an objective description. You are also encouraged to add deep links to featured (particularly useful or interesting) material, and to categorize the entry. See Help:Add_an_entry for more information.

Do I have to provide a detailed description?

You can provide a very short description if you'd like, but people looking at your listing are much more likely to visit your site (and possibly spiders too) if you provide a detailed, thorough, useful description. Please write an objective description (no marketing jargon) in the third person (don't say "I", "we", or "you"). Also see Help:Add_an_entry.

How can I categorize a website?

You can add your listing to the most appropriate categories (please limit your listing to 1-3 categories). Additional information is available here. If you do not wish to add the categories yourself, one of our volunteer editors will add them for you.

Why should I add a website to this directory?

To help build a unique and useful new resource for finding information on the net! The directory is also intended to be a resource for new, unknown websites to get found. Since we have categorization and ratings by people, for people, this is a good resource for sites that do not yet have a high ranking in search engines, or for sites whose audience are not necessarily likely to find them using search engines (regional resources, for example).

Will it help my search engine rankings?

Will adding your site to the directory help your search engine rankings? Well yes, it probably will, since our links are "search engine friendly", but we have a more strategic goal of becoming an alternative to the Open Directory Project, the Yahoo Directory, etc., and hope that browsers will come here directly to find content as well.

What else can I do to help?

You can be a volunteer editor and help improve the content of the directory (you don't need to know HTML or even log in - it's easy!), you can add to the directory, and you can tell people about the directory (link to the directory). You can even edit or add to the help documentation!

Can I copy these listings?

Yes, as long as you honor the terms of the GNU Free Doc License (http:///