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Perhaps even more than adding content, editing is the heart of a wiki. The ability and willingness of users to continually refine content is what can make a wiki great! (So, first, Thank You!)

Here at the wiki directory of the web, we strive for useful descriptions and categories of resources from all over the world wide web. While anyone may add an entry, and that initial entry should describe the site and place it an an appropriate category, it through the editing process that the descriptions and categories will become the most useful as humans still are the best at structuring information in a way that is useful to other humans.

Very detailed help on editing can be found at the meta-wiki at but please note several specific features of the wiki directory:

  • External links are limited by a link whitelist in wikidweb, to minimize spam.
  • Some special extension tags exist to add functionality, chiefly there are tags around the text of the link and the description.

Wikidweb Editing Help Primers

Linking Primer - Simple examples and links to additional resources on internal and external linking.