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The category structure is quite flexible. You can add your listing to more than one category/sub-category. To add your listing to a particular category/sub-category, just add in a bit of wikicode at the bottom of your listing:

[[Category:name of sub category]]

(Replace "Name of sub-category" with the real category/sub-category.) If the category/sub-category already exists, your listing will be added, if not it will be created. If it is a new sub-category, you need to visit that sub-category by clicking on the link at the bottom of your finished listing and then link that to a higher, already existing sub- category, or to the "Universe", the top level master category with this wikicode:


Please do not add excessive numbers of categories - just the most relevant one, or maybe 2 or 3.

Categorization and naming conventions for Regional listings

When categorizing listings within the Regional category, we are trying to maintain uniformity. We have adopted the follow naming conventions:

  • City names should include the 2 letter state or province name. Example: Los Angeles CA (no punctuation)
  • State or province names should include the 2 letter country codes (ISO list below). Example: California US (no punctuation)

Here are links to listings with 2 letter code references:

  1. 2 letter US State codes (
  2. 2 letter ISO country codes (
  3. Canada Post 2 letter Province codes (

Note: This is currently being reviewed as some countries overlap with states