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Monkey - Great Sage equal of Heaven ( Monkey Magic)

Description: “ Born from an egg on a mountain top, funkiest monkey that ever popped...”

Those classic words from the intro could mean only one thing... Monkey Magic!

Cult 70's Japanese TV series Monkey or Monkey Magic is based on Wu Cheng en’s legendary 630 ad Chinese epic Journey to the West, also known as Saiyuki, Hsi Yu Chi, or just plain old Monkey - from the abridged Arthur Waley version. About Tang Monk Xuanzang (Tripitaka) who, at Buddhas request, undertakes a Demon and Monster hindered pilgrimage to India, escorted by Sun Wukong (Monkey), Zhu Bajie (Pigsy) and Sha Wujing (Sandy), to collect The Great Vehicle Scriptures aka Buddhist sutras of transcendence and persuasion for good will, for translation.

The site includes - video clips, gallery, episode and character guides, cast profiles, downloads, havoc in heaven, the bee gees (its a long story...go check it out!) and so much more.

This is my tribute...This is his Temple..Come.. worship at his hairy feet