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Filipino Recipes

Description: Site offers free Philippine recipes from various regions of the country organized by categories. Each dish includes a step-by-step, easy to follow cooking instruction specifying food ingredients, cooking time and cooking tips.

The free Filipino recipes on site are: Pork Sinigang; Chicken Stew (Tinola); Filipino Spaghetti; Pork Steak; Squash in Coconut Milk; Pork Minudo; Adobo; Chicken Curry; Crispy Pata; Pork Kilawin; Beef Morcon; Beef Kaldereta; Kare-Kare; Fried Rice; Roasted Chicken; Rellenong Manok; Chicken Afritada; Mixed Vegetables (Pakbet); Chopsuey Recipe; Mixed Seafoods with Oyster Sauce; Laing; Chicken Pastel; Adobong Kangkong; Fried Chicken; Rellenong Bangus; Guisado (sautéed); Pansit Palabok (noodles); Beef Stew (Nilaga); Bicol Express; Pansit Bihon; Pansit Canton; Pork Barbeque and Chicken Barbeque.