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Earthly Safe

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                       Safe Family, Pets, and Earth Safe

Earthly Safe: Natural Health, Wellness, and Beauty

Earthly Safe is an independent distributor of Shaklee products. The mission is to provide health and income opportunities to people all over the world. Earthly Safe helps keep families, homes, pets, and the Earth green & safe. Earthly Safe is a pioneer in building a better tomorrow. They provide earthly organic eco green & friendly products: safe and healthy families, pets, and the Earth

All Natural Beyond Organic Health Products

- Contribute in Protecting & Saving the Earth
- Non-Toxic Biodegradable Home & Industrial Cleaning Products
- Beyond Organic Nutritional Supplements
- Improve Health and Wellness
    - Increase Vitality
    - Lose Weight
    - Combat Fatigue & Stress
    - Improve Sleep
    - Decrease Risk of Disease
    - Improve Athletic Performance
- Air Purifiers/Filters
- Water Filters
- Natural Skin Care
- Weight Management
- 15 % discount for members
- Online Catalog & Ordering
- Phone Orders
- Income Opportunity

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every nutritional, personal care, and household product sold. Shaklee has maintained an uncompromising ethical and value system for over 50 Years.

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