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Beauty 4 Ashes Christian Health & Beauty Co.

Description: Beauty 4 Ashes Co. produces all-natural skin care, hair care, hair growth, and weight loss products. Beauty 4 Ashes also produces high-powered , all natural vitamins, supplements, and weight loss systems. These products eliminate acne, stretch marks, balding, obesity, and eczema. Beauty 4 Ashes products contain no alcohol, no chemical emulsifiers, and no artificial ingredients. The founders of Beauty 4 Ashes can guarantee that its health and beauty products work, not solely because they contain all-natural ingredients and have success stories, but also because each product incorporates scripture. The secret ingredient in all Beauty 4 Ashes (TM) products is faith and the word of God. Beauty 4 Ashes makes health drinks for ageing, weight loss, stress, migraines, detox, energy, and hair, skin, and nails. Beauty 4 Ashes also makes acne, eczema, stretch mark, anti-aging, hair care and hair growth products. All products contain no alcohol, no chemicals, no artificial detergents, and no acids. Likewise, ALL products contain essential oils, carrier oils, aloes, vitamins, natural extracts, and other natural ingredients.