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New british folk-blues and rock music on MP3.

Description: New rock and folk-blues music from the far northern edge of england on MP3 and CD.

Set up in 2004 Chevstar works with musicians, primarily from the North of England, to help them record and distribute music. It isn't the old style of recording company blah-blah-blah. The ethos is about celebrating creativity and releasing provocative, emotional and wild rock music, and preserving traditional folk and world music. A defining characteristic of humans beings is the ability to make music. Chevstar acts include psychedelic space rockers 'The Age', Ashington rock trio 'HED' (Heavy Ear Distortion) and the Widdrington futuristic metal sound-forge of 'Sorry For Nothing'. The folk side includes bluesy folkster Carl Cape, as well as traditional Northumbrian singers Alec (the Morpeth Gadgee) and Keith Swailes who do authentic dialect and trad versions of songs like: 'Cushie Butterfiled' and 'The Blaydon Races'. The world music sounds of the JJI Exile Brothers are another exciting development for the label. The JJI Exile brothers sing songs about their own lives in exile in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala, India and reflect upon the pain and sorrow experienced by thousands of Tibetans who have fled from Tibet. Their first album features the Borthers' distinctive blend of traditional Tibetan instruments and electric guitars with 3-part vocal harmonies. The Exile Borthers have a beautiful sound akin in feel to Flamenco, Fado, Native american songs, and in some respects to Bob Marley.