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Description: A world created by chefs for chefs. the aim of Chefsworld is to empower chefs in the global market

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A world created by chefs, for chefs, the innovative website ChefsWorld™, located at ChefsWorldis ( at the forefront of distinctive internet-based communication and business models.

ChefsWorld™ aims to empower chefs in the marketplace by opening up global communication channels between chefs, their employers and each other.

Explains founder, Timothy Capper: ‘[ChefsWorld™] is the result of my personal passion to empower and honour chefs. To create a platform for the chefs of this world to communicate with one another, share resources and information, find and educate a different breed of employer and give chefs the control they need over their environment.’

Basic membership is free and gives access to all the facilities on offer on the site and although ChefsWorld™ is not a recruitment site, it does provide this facility. As you log on to the site, making use of your own personal username and password, you will notice on the home page that you can do so as either an employer or a chef.

As an employer you may wish to place an advert for a chef’s position you wish to fill, search through CVs to find a suitable candidate, or find a relief chef to fill a slot while a staff member at your restaurant or hotel takes leave.


As a chef, you may wish to place your CV on the site (or update it as you gain more experience), read employer ratings before you accept a position, or rate a current or previous employer. You may also wish to share a few of the exceptional recipes you have come across in the trade, take part in the forum where you can share or gather pertinent culinary tips, search for a job or read messages posted to you by employers interested in your skills.

Whether you want to pick up fresh ideas, educate yourself in novel styles of cooking or just take the opportunity to work in a kitchen in another corner of the world – here’s the place to do the necessary networking. If you wish to, you can also offer other chefs the opportunity to learn new skills while working with you! All opportunities of this nature are free of charge. Pick a kitchen in which you would like to work, decide on your dates and send an email to the head chef asking to spend that time in his or her kitchen. Working under the camaraderie of ChefsWorld™ means that no-one is underutilised or abused in the process!

A man with a social conscience, Timothy recognises the plight of chefs internationally, who often have no financial support in times of need. Commenting on a difficult time he experienced, Timothy says: ‘I owned a small restaurant… in the Lake District (during foot and mouth). Overnight the business was in trouble and just paying my own lights, water and electricity became a nightmare. It dawned on me that there is no support for chefs. Sure there are all your associations about, but they don’t provide any aid when you need it.’

The only people, it seems, who understand what a chef does every day and how tough this is, are other chefs. The ChefsWorld™ Chefs Fund, consisting of ‘voluntary donations from members and other sources’ will now be available ‘to help chefs in times of need,’ Timothy explains. ‘This could range from a commis chef needing help to buy his first set of knives, to a chef losing his arm in a car accident who is waiting for financial aid.’ PAGE 2 OF 3 A British citizen, Timothy Capper qualified with an Honours Degree in Hotel Management. In his professional capacity, he belongs to the Hotel and Catering International Management Association (HCIMA), the South African Chef’s Association and the Cape Wine Academy. Timothy has worked in South Africa at the Rosebank Hotel, the Midrand Protea Hotel and Selbourne Country Lodge. He has also worked in the United Kingdom at Bush Hall Hotel, Pendley Manor Hotel and The Kent Bank Hotel, where as proprietor and licensee he increased occupancy from 17 to 40 percent and food and beverage turnover from ƒ78 000 to ƒ215 000. As chef-proprietor and licencee of Capper’s Restaurant, Timothy was the recipient of the 2001 Best Restaurant South Lakes award. His widely acquired experience on the hotel and restaurant scene has made him expertly placed to found and manage a unique site such as ChefsWorld™.


Chefs Standing Together

Chefs Standing Together as professionals

ChefsWorld, a new recourse web site for Chefs is starting to make its mark in the industry. Chefs around the world are using ChefsWorld as a platform to promote themselves as professionals. Chefs have been denied the status as professionals in the industry for to long and Chefs are fighting back.

ChefsWorld and Chefs are trying to get the industry as a whole to realise that the Chef is their business. For years the catering industry has battled with ever decreasing numbers of Chefs available. The simple fact and remedy to this problem is to recognise Chefs as professionals and remunerate according to this status.

“This site is a result of my personal passion to empower and honour Chefs. For many years I have worked in kitchens that appeared to have been built as an afterthought, with limited space, bad design and the resulting difficult workspaces. You then jump to the extreme with massively over designed kitchens. I have also experienced, as you may have, being taken advantage of, not acknowledged and bad pay.

As my life evolved to include a family, my passion was no longer enough to keep me in the kitchen and I realised that if enough chefs felt the way I did and had a platform to communicate with one another, then there is a chance for chefs to actively start changing their own industry through standing together and demanding their rights.

This is the reason for creating this forum. It's a place for us to chat, share resources and information, educate and find a different breed of employer and ultimately, to create a platform for Chefs of this World to communicate with one another.

This site also aims to put employers and Chefs into direct contact with one another, cutting out agencies and fees and creating a communication channel that gives you both more control over your working environment.

To make this work, we need enough chefs like you to use this site and make it the one and only place to search for chefs. Once critical mass is reached, you can negotiate your own terms and fate.

So welcome to your world. It really is your world.”

ChefsWorld reviews 2006 in chefs survey

ChefsWorld undertook a survey about 2006 trends and 2007 predictions. 437 Uk chefs and 108 international chefs took part in the survey.

Locally sourced products exploded onto the menu’s in 2006, 87% of chefs feel that this trend will grow and expand to include more organic and ethical food. Fat is back in cooking with 92% of chefs feeling that they can get back to the serious business of flavour, taste and textures. Sous vide or cryovacking tried to rear its head again in 2006, 64% of chefs felt it should go back to the eighties and stay there for good. An interesting piece of equipment that chefs are beginning to love is the Thermomix. It chops; purees, blends and it will also steam and heat if you want it to. 74% believed this piece of kit would increase in popularity together with the Pacojet 72% of chefs felt that more chefs would start experimenting with “molecular gastronomy” in 2007. 80% believed that things would go horribly wrong for a while with foams and jellies popping up in unexpected places. 2006 saw a slight increase in salaries for chefs. 61% believed that employers were starting to realise that the chef in the kitchen is the backbone of the business.

1% of chefs knew that the peanut is part of the legume family and unrelated to other nuts.

ChefsWorld – A world created by chefs for chefs. The aim of ChefsWorld is to empower chefs in the Global Market

The Foie Gras Debate

Whilst the move to ban foie gras from our restaurant menus is based on sound animal anti-cruelty ethics, a further debate is raised and that is: “what happened to personal choice?”

We at ChefsworldTM disagree with the farming methods for foie gras. We also disagree with steroid usage in the dairy and beef industry, genetically modified foods and battery chicken farming.

But the issue at hand is really about information and education. If consumers are given the information on the ingredients and components of foods, cosmetics, textiles and materials, then they are given the power to choose.

Says Patrick Holford Director at Soil Association, the United Kingdom’s leading environmental charity promoting sustainable, organic farming and championing human health: “Real change always happens from the ground up. It's how the organic movement was born and I think it's how it will further develop in its next chapter.”

Worldwide, there is a move towards sustainable business and agricultural practices. This is not Government, retail or supply driven, it is consumer driven.

ChefsworldTM does not dictate to its readers. We offer information in order to educate and inform, rather than enforce.

The foie gras debate is therefore far more than an attempt to outlaw cruelty to animals. It is potentially another removal of choice. Why not disseminate accurate information through multiple communication channels and allow the population to decide?

This release conveys the opinion of the founders of ChefsworldTM. For further enquiries or information, email:

This release was submitted in response to York city council.

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ChefsWorld comes up with “cross pollination goes live with its newly developed Chefs Network in the UK and US version to follow in November.

Barley a week goes by without an association or publication screaming that the industry is in desperate need of Chefs, these weeks have turned into years and the industry struggles on. Having studied the evidence ChefsWorld has concluded that the entrance rate into the industry is buoyant but the early exit (usually within two years) is creating the shortage.

The main reason for this early exit is stagnation and low wages. ChefsWorld is already tackling the institution of low wages and professionalism within the industry, but how to tackle the main reason for early exit “stagnation”. ChefsWorld spent months canvassing college leavers. The consensus amongst leavers was that they tended to take the first available position without thought for career progression, training and motivation.

The result is the development of ChefsWold Chefs Network. The idea is simple and Free !

A Head Chef adds his kitchens details to the system. This would entail a brief description of the establishment.

A chef no matter what his skill level can search through the database and email a prospective kitchen with a request to spend a day or two working in that kitchen.

By providing this simple tool for chefs of all grades to experience new kitchens and styles within the industry we can combat “stagnation”. This service is non chargeable from all participants and of course its success depends on Head Chefs realising the benefit of opening up their kitchens for talented chefs who the industry might have lost.

Advice for Recruiting and Retaining your Chef

The most important and critical aspect to understand and implement; is that the chef is your business. Without a good client experience, your business is vulnerable.

Extract from one of today’s leading and most successful restaurateurs, “ Gordon Ramsay

My answer to anyone remotely interested in how we run restaurants is that any new restaurant concept must always start with the chef. Not with the location, not with the restaurant designer and not with the smooth talking front-of-house manager. The passion, the focus and drive of the chef are what will make the restaurant work. Ultimately, we believe it will be his menu that people come to taste.”

The full article can be viewed in the Chefs Forums under ‘A must read article’.

Identify and recruit the right chef.

If you are recruiting a ‘Head Chef’, why then advertise,” this would suit a Sous Chef ready for his first role as ‘Head Chef’? This chef is your business, are you then going to take a chance that he may or may not be ready to drive your profits forward!

Similarly why recruit a Chef for a franchised ‘retail park’ restaurant when what you are looking for is a ‘line cook’ not a Chef.


Recruitment agencies and catering magazines give you industry standard salary guidelines. ChefsWorld looks at the Relief Chef market.

An average Chef De Partie who is working the relief circuit can expect to earn up to £25 000 per annum, compared to the ‘industry standard’ of £16 000.

Why would I offer this?

A large percentage of smaller successful businesses are balancing the salaries offered, with profit related bonuses. Another increasingly popular option is profit related share options.

So how does this work towards retaining my Chef and still running a profitable business?

Your Chef will now spend most of his waking hours in the kitchen, how do you keep the passion and drive crucial to your business?

Spending a week or two weeks a year (not holiday entitlement) in another kitchen similar to your business keeps your Chef up to date with new styles and trends. ChefsWorld networking area can be useful to find available properties; you would also benefit your kitchen by registering and having fresh ideas and talent in your kitchen periodically.

Your kitchen needs to be maintained, apart from being the core of your business, the chef/s need to have the right equipment for the task at hand and that equipment needs to be maintained to ensure a healthy working environment.

Your business model should be worked around your kitchen and what that kitchen is capable of producing, similarly your dining areas should be worked around your kitchen. The kitchen size and design will dictate the size and style of the menu and dining capacity.

Kitchen misconception

The lowly Kitchen porter paid minimum wage and left to get on with it as he/ she sees fit.

You have just entrusted all your business assets to this person. A pot, pan, plate, knife, glass if cleaned, maintained and stored correctly will last indefinatly, reducing your outlay and increase profits.

In most of Europe’s leading kitchens the lowly kitchen porters are paid bonuses based on asset retention.

ChefsWorld is also available to consult on individual business needs. Please use the ‘contact us, page for this service.

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Ed making a Balls of Compulsory Cookery Classes

Government has announced compulsory lessons in cooking healthy meals under plans to combat obesity. Schools Secretary Ed Balls is asking the public to suggest ideas for the classic English and world dishes that all pupils should learn to cook. As a Chef I Applaud the idea but in practical terms Ed’s got it all wrong. Many schools do not have the facilities to implement this plan and finding the teachers for these classes would be a Turkey Twizzler affair. The thought of asking the public to suggest ideas of which dishes the pupils should learn how to cook will split mayonnaise, you only need to look at the shelf space dedicated to ready meals to realise that the public has forgotten how to cook. The classes should start with basic cooking methods; this would empower the children with the knowledge to produce any recipe rather than a few publicly chosen ones. Teaching Basic cooking methods will provide the pupil with the skill to decide which cooking method to use in order to achieve a healthier diet and the knowledge to continue cooking throughout their lives. In concentrating on these fundamental core principles of cooking we achieve sustainability for cooking, not another whimsical plan by a Chargrilled government END The Director, Tim Capper can be contacted for expert advice relating to : The Catering Industry and Food Production, Chefs, Kitchen design and implementation.

Tim Capper. Man Dip, SACA, AHMA, CWA

[1] (

Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Fined under Gordon’s New Local Rules

Gordon Ramsay told the BBC Last week that

“Fruit and veg should be seasonal. 

"Chefs should be fined if they haven't got ingredients in season on their menu. "I don't want to see asparagus in the middle of December. I don't want to see strawberries from Kenya in the middle of March. I want to see it home grown. "It's a chef's job to ensure everything is locally sourced and, more importantly, when we haven't got it, take it off the menu. "There should be stringent laws to make sure produce is only used in season. The quicker we get legislation through, the more unique this country will become in terms of its sourcing and level of inspiration." Well Gordon I would have to say that you “level of inspiration” is at an all time Low.

You and I know that you would be the first one to be fined. 

I am not even going to list the mistakes in your menu’s unless you would like your inspirationally Low levels in print. The Chef’s in this country, who you have so kindly labelled, ignorant, know that local seasonal produce is at a better quality and price than unseasonal imports. We also know that if you implemented this in your restaurants, you would fail. Yes Fail! Picking on this county’s chefs is a cheap shot, go after the supermarkets or better still offer on the spot fines at the supermarket checkout to housewives purchasing imported unseasonal produce. Cheap Shot Chef, Cheap Shot, we expected better from you. is an independent resource for Chef’s. A world created by Chef’s for Chef’s. The aim of ChefsWorld is to empower Chef’s in the Global Market

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Chef Recruitment

We all know how difficult and strong the competition is in any industry. One has to buy every newspaper for the jobs classifieds sections, phone every business related to ones field and send CV’s / resumes away to everyone including Santa Clause in order to get one reply. There are however, many companies trying to make the process smoother, take the food industry for instance. Now, if you are a chef or a cook you need not worry, chef recruitment is your answer.

Do you have what it takes?

That is the question all chef recruitment agencies will need an answer to. These companies do have a reputation, and they do have to keep up appearances with their clients. This means that sending a client a chef that does not know what he or she is doing is out of the question. If you are looking for a job as a chef, the easiest thing for you would be to actually be trained as a chef, and then you will need to make up a resume to send to the relevant recruitment agencies. It then, all comes down to your experience, because let’s face it, the person with more work experience than you will get the best position first, so you will need to have some work experience on your resume too.

Finding the perfect recruitment agency

Finding the perfect recruitment agency is not easy. Many recruitment agencies expect you to solely be on their books, because they do work hard to find your work, which means that you do not want to get stuck with a fly-by-night company. The best place for you to start would be to look on the internet, look at the sites and see what they offer. Do they offer a full service to employees and employers? If they offer a sign up form on their site, apply for a newsletter to be sent to you every week, so you can gauge the type of chef jobs they get in on a daily basis before you commit.

Commit to the one and only

Finding a job in any industry is hard, so take some of the strain off by committing to a chef recruitment agency that cares. Make sure that you are ready, because even if you have the skills and the work experience you will still be going up against many other good chefs so, keep trained and keep your wits about you, just in case that interview comes your way.

ChefsWorld a World created by Chefs for Chefs. We Provide the facility for Chef Employers and Chef Recruitment Agencies to advertise their jobs online to recruit a Chef or find a Chef online. Chef Recruitment (

The Chef Jobs site has : Executive chef jobs, Head chef jobs, Sous Chef jobs, Chef de Partie Jobs, Commis Chef Jobs, Pastry Chef Jobs, Development Chef Jobs, Consultant Chef Jobs, Specialist Chef Jobs - all levels of chef and Catering Jobs. chef jobs (

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Hotel Jobs

Hotel jobs for chefs are easier to get than you may think. There are plenty of hotel jobs for chefs particularly within the state of California. For example the Paradise Point and Resort Spa is looking for chefs to cook breakfasts for their customers. They need chefs there to cook breakfasts at every station and level of their spa and resort. The Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa is currently hiring someone to cook meals such as lunch and dinner on a part time basis. The pay is listed as a competitive wage despite the fact that the work is only listed as a part time opportunity. The job appears to be for six hours a day and five days a week. Some sort of benefits package can be discussed with the employer.

For a place that is a little off the beaten path within the Midwest, there is Walden Place which is located in Iowa City, Iowa. They are looking for someone to prepare all kinds of meals for their guests and this is why they require an advanced degree at Walden Place. To stay in the Midwest, the Glenview Marriott within the state of Illinois is looking for a chef to cook and be able to administer tasks to those new hires or people in lower positions on the staff. This job sounds like one that could need a lot of leadership skills.

A hotel near the O'Haire airport in Chicago is also look a chef to hire. This is one of those temporary hotel jobs that are out for chefs with a salary of a little over eleven dollars an hour. In this economy it still sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

In the city of New Orleans some of their tourism dollars are beginning to return. This means that some of the hotels are beginning to rebuild and will begin hiring chefs who need hotel jobs again. Do not be afraid to put in your application in a great city like New Orleans in order to cook a wide variety of dishes. It also wouldn't hurt to be a civic minded chef who is not afraid to cook dishes pro bono for some of the struggling children within New Orleans or to help with the rebuilding effort for that matter.

There is a hotel job for a chef in the Louisville, Kentucky area that needs to be experienced in preparing grilled dishes for people staying in the hotel. So if you do not have grilling experience you may not want to apply for this position.

ChefsWorld a World created by Chefs for Chefs. We Provide the facility for Chef Employers and Chef Recruitment Agencies to advertise their jobs online to recruit a Chef or find a Chef online. chef recruitment (

The Chef Jobs site has : Executive chef jobs (, Head chef jobs, Sous Chef jobs  (, Chef de Partie Jobs (, Commis Chef Jobs (, Pastry Chef Jobs (, Development Chef Jobs, Consultant Chef Jobs, Specialist Chef Jobs - all levels of chef and Catering Jobs. chef jobs (

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Relief Chef

Many recruitment agencies want to see a chef walk through their door with a loaded resume. They want one that could be a relief chef, sous chef, pastry chef, you name it. This makes the job for the agency easier when they are looking for new or other employment for the person looking for the chef job. If it is a restaurant or resort working with the agency on recruitment, the establishment needs to be precise on what exactly they are looking for in a chef or the agencies involved may or may not give it a one hundred percent effort during the recruitment process.

Southern Food Service Management in Durham, North Carolina is currently taking applications for a relief chef who has good management skills and can handle corporate events. A recruitment agency also wants top of the line chefs when handling corporate events. For a large event like this down in the South the agency would probably would want the entire staff to treat the situation as if they were at a debutante ball. This sort of requirement would also be put upon the relief chef. This of course would not be a permanent gig, being a relief job or full time for that matter.

A historic inn in Burlington, Vermont is looking for highly motivated relief chefs as any good recruitment agency would mention the need to be highly motivated. The agencies involved in the job posting should of course mention that the employer would prefer that the relief chefs show up to work either just before or during the weekend. This may be why the phrase highly motivated is being used so much, because so many people don't like to work weekends. Some soup kitchens and food pantries in the Las Vegas area are looking for people to cook meals or do brief setup on a non-permanent basis as a way to help people during this rough economic recession that has greatly effected so many people.

In fact Las Vegas appears to be one of the busiest spots in the country as far as trying to find relief chefs as some recruitment agencies would likely tell you if you happened to wander in one of them. It isn't just Vegas that is getting in on the act of hiring relief chefs, there are opportunities within the Midwest as well. Volt Information Sciences in Florence, Indiana is looking for relief chefs to help with their banquets/events.

ChefsWorld a World created by Chefs for Chefs. We Provide the facility for Chef Employers and Chef Recruitment Agencies to advertise their jobs online to recruit a Chef or find a Chef online. chef recruitment (

The Chef Jobs site has : Executive chef jobs (, Head chef jobs, Sous Chef jobs  (, Chef de Partie Jobs (, Commis Chef Jobs (, Pastry Chef Jobs (, Development Chef Jobs, Consultant Chef Jobs, Specialist Chef Jobs - all levels of chef and Catering Jobs. chef jobs (

The Chef Section has : Chef Forums, Chef Network, Chef Recipes, Rate Employers, Suppliers Offers and Chef Links. Chef Forums (

Showcase your Work

ChefsWorld has recently launched their Chefs Gallery ( where you can add your photos too.