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Music & Entertainment

Maurice Carmon "Mlyrics" is better known as the man behind the music. He has worked with some of the industry's top producers and writers to some of the industry's newest and established artist. To name a few, some of the artist are legends like Snoop Dogg, Charlie Wilson, K-CI (for his solo project), and Jon B. Some of the new comers consist of Samantha Jade, B. Howard, Midwest City ft. Florida, LaSinfornia (Latin/American group nominated for a Grammy 2009),P Washington a.k.a Pistol, to Gospel artist Chris Bolton. Some of the producers/writers are D'Extra Wiley, Qura Rankin 007, Mischke, Kenny Bereal (Hit Club Entertainment), LT. Hutton, Co-Stars, Toni Dixon, Vassal Bedford, and brother Tim Carmon who produce and write with mega artist such as Eric Clapton, Baby face, BB King, Lala Hathaway and more.

Mlyrics has done artist development for The Program, a label by former writing/production partner LT Hutton, Snoop Dogg, and Elton Brand who is now with the Dallas Mavericks. The groups developed were Gunn (female R&B group), Chris Starr (R&B/Soul artist) with current single & video out "Mary Jane" written by Maurice Carmon Mlyrics, and Mr. Right who song "Silly Love" which was originally written for them but was placed on the Day 26 self titled album Day 26. All of these writings, productions, developmental, and personal experiences has placed Mlyrics in a position to where he has, can and is helping others with their musical dreams and aspirations.

Now partnered with Julian Reaves, some of the new artist/songs/albums worked with were K-BOO "Grown Man", Keylo V "Got Diamonds" Ft. Paul Wall & Weasel, Marie Parie "Dating", JazRay'e "Don't Blame Me & Teenage Dream", Shamiah "Nothing Like This Ft. P Washington & Love".

Primary music: Pop/R&B/Gospel but love, can write, and has worked with artist of all genres.

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