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We happily accept sponsorships (somewhere between advertisement and donation). Read all about it on the Wikidweb Sponsorship page. is a human networking platform providing a balanced mix of career, business and social networking. It is modeled around recruitment as the main theme.

vyvyfy is one of the most “open” social networks that allows a person to access the entire platform even without registration. Although registration which takes less than a minute allows a member to actively participate in the various activities like applying to a job, to post, comment & rate on the forum, blogs, resources & articles.

On registering with, a member can update their profile either through a simple text based or an html supporting profile page. So the power is with the member to develop the profile as they wish, to have a simple text based profile or to become highly creative by using the html. There is also an option to upload a photo and the resume.

vyvyfy provides features that are categorized under career building, knowledge and opinion sharing.

• Career building: It provides access to worldwide jobs through a smart “Job search engine” that is categorized into various industries. The recruiting companies and the recruiters can also post their vacancies on this job board. The most important feature of vyvyfy is its mapping tool, that maps member’s as per the industries, cities & countries they represent. Also the jobs and the various resources are mapped directly to a member’s profile. The article section consists of various articles sourced from the top article directories and are categorized into career, business and other general topics.

• Knowledge Sharing: Members can share videos, presentations and reports under the various industries. There is a rating scale based on which the resources are ranked.

• Opinion Sharing: Members can share and learn from one another on the forum. It is used to exchange expertise, knowledge and contacts with other members. Members can also use the blogs to share their opinions.

In the recruitment area, vyvyfy also works as a Full Service Provider (FSP) conducting various activities such as managing job positing, candidate sourcing, profile matching, candidate screening, short listing, interview management, reference checking, CTC negotiations, on boarding.

vyvyfy provides a strategic partnership model to professional recruiters who can work together to facilitate split-fee placements. This model helps the recruiters to better serve each others' clients through faster placements, domain expertise and highly efficient process efficiencies. is a new age human networking platform that fosters openness, collaboration & learning.

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