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Note: Due to what I perceive to possibly illegal or unethical sites, I'm considering a temporary or permanent ban on pharmaceutical sales sites. This will be entirely at my discretion, but you opinion is welcome. --Aerik Sylvan 23:07, 9 Mar 2006 (MST)

Why you use sea water nasal spray ?

Sea water nasal spray from best pure sea water especially designed for the optimum nasal hygiene of baby, children and adults. Polymer Baby Isotonic Nasal Spray for Cold Relief, proper nasal wash and drainage which keeps baby’s nose always open and clean, Polymer Baby reduces incidence of nasal symptoms, and prevent nasal complicates & pathologies. Polymer Sea Water Nasal Spray is 100% natural, from sea water which meaning higher safety with no any use of chemical nasal decongestant. The spray mechanism of polymer baby is through a very gentile micro droplet property of polymer nasal spray. (link blocked - not on whitelist)  (

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