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Car Hire Geneva

Description: In the car rental business since 1979, providing quality car hire services throughout Europe.

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About Geneva

Situated at the foot of the Alps,Geneva is one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. It is also the second largest city of Switzerland, and the European headquarters of the United Nations. Thus, it is an important financial and commercial center. Known as the "City of Parks" also internationally popular as a ski destination for lovers of the sport.The Cointrin International Airport is well served by train and bus services. Many car rental companies offer their travel services right from the airport.

Geneva by Car

The fine roads and well regulated traffic make driving around Geneva a pleasant experience. Driving around in a car allows tourists the flexibility and freedom that is so essential when visiting a city like Geneva. It is an excellent way to explore the picturesque city and savour every scenic beauty. The mountainous landscape around Geneva can be best appreciated by getting away from the city. Many popular ski resorts are only a couple of hours drive from the airport, and traveling by car is a good option. Quality service is provided by the car hire companies, taking care of all the traveling needs of visitors. Most rental companies maintain a large fleet of a range of cars to suit different requirements. The major companies run their business online also; and internet research will provide details about services, rates, discounts, and rules through their websites. It is advisable to book the car online well in advance to avoid inconvenience.Almost all of the car rental companies offer services ranging from hotel booking and accommodation, to planning the tours and activities for the tourists. The car rental rates usually include insurance cover for fire and third party liability. Additional insurance for theft or accident can be bought. However, traffic rules and regulations need to be carefully understood before getting on the road. Any foreigner with a valid international driving license may drive as long as they have third party insurance. Driving in Switzerland with a valid foreign driving licence is permitted as long as certain regulations are respected. Switzerland is not a member of the EU, so a car rented here will be allowed to drive in any EU country for only 8 days. Driving is on the right according to the Geneva Convention, the minimum age limit for driving is 18(although the age has to be at least 20 to be able to rent a car), seat belt is mandatory in both front and back seats, and drunken driving is a punishable offence. Highways in Switzerland require a toll sticker that is displayed at the top-center or lower corner of the windshield. Cars rented in Switzerland have the sticker attached; otherwise it must be purchased separately at a cost of approximately US$28.There are no other tolls in Switzerland. For driving on the snowy mountain roads, snow tyres will be required; and the car rental companies usually provide these. Parking zones are marked by colours: "white" signifies unrestricted time, "blue" equals a 90 minute limit and "red" for only 15 minutes. There is also an option of unmetered parking; for these you need to obtain discs- to be placed on the dashboard on which time of arrival is mentioned. These discs are available from rental car companies, police stations and banks.

Europe is the world's best holiday destination; there is a lot to explore in the landscapes of every country. A growing number of tourists follow individual vacation & travel plans pursuing a myriad of diverse activities. The rental companies are able to offer customised facilities and services for the distinct needs of such travelers. Car rental is a vast business in Europe, and the competitive market enables excellent services at reasonable rates.

Car Hire Geneva

Is an international car rental service provider since 1979. The highlights of the services provided are-no hidden costs, no cancellation fee, free pickup and delivery of its cars from the airport, breakdown assistance, and insurance cover. A fleet of exclusive cars in every category from all the major names:Audi, Seat, Skoda, Fiat, BMW, Opel, Renault, Peugeot, Ford, Toyota, Volvo, & GM.The rental

rates ( are updated regularly, as prices keep changing frequently. Online booking ( is possible. Also, an online enquiry quote form ( will give a quote on the preferred car hire for Geneva.Along with car rental, accommodation is arranged through hotel bookings ( A dedicated Customer Support Staff promptly responds to the Enquiries and doubts  ( of those who want to avail of these services while in Geneva.

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