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Alicante Car Hire

Description: Offering car hire services for Alicante Spain. All inclusive holiday packages including, car hire, hotel bookings and golf tee times.

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About Alicante

Situated on the Eastern “White Coast” of Spain, the coastal town of Alicante was established by the Romans 2000 years ago.This town has ancient castles, traditional Spanish festivals, white sandy beaches and picturesque coastline washed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Ocean. The climate is sunny and pleasant all the year round. Alicante has its fair share of the internationally renowned, beautiful golf courses of Spain. This alluring combination has made it the most popular tourist destination on the Costa Blanca. Alicante is just 20 minutes drive from the airport which is 11 kilometers away.Alicante Airport has all the facilities required when traveling including a currency exchange, ATMs and post office. The Costa Blanca Plaza shopping and entertainment area has four restaurants and eight cafes, there are three duty free outlets and numerous shops including gift stores,pharmacy, etc. Car Hire is available from the arrival area.

Alicante by Car

Car Hire is one of the most convinient ways to travel around Alicante. The city is so full of sights to see and things to do that a car is the only way to enjoy everything liesurely. And with the presence of several car hire companies, there is unlimited choice.A preliminary research on the car hire companies with regard to rates, discounts services and special packages helpful in getting the best deal.This area is a tourist hub,so advance rental booking is advisable. It should be done around the time of flight booking. Particularly in the the summer months, rentals fill up fast.Car rental services can include vacation packages with airline and hotel bookings. Insurance cover is provided.There should be no difference in rates whether the car is rented in the city or on the Airport. Usually the car should have all the necessary facilities. In Alicante, it gets very hot in the summer months, so the car must have air conditioning. The car should be checked before taking possession of the keys, and should be returned in the same condition. Driving record of the traveler who rents a car has to be clean, otherwise rental companies can refuse or cancel the booking.It is better to get a feel of the car before venturing out of the airport. In the summer, roads might see considerable tourist traffic. Once familiar with the rules of driving in Spain, driving around is hassle free.Most foreign driver's licences are honoured in Spain - including all EU, US and Canadian ones. A copy of the agreement with the car rental company should be in the car.Driving and traffic rules are strict in Spain, and a fine has to be paid on the spot if by tourists if they break any rule or law. The basic traffic rules in Spain are in accordance with those of Europe. Driving is on the right, seat belts are compulsory on the front and back seats.Child safety seat is mandatory, which can be provided by the car rental services. Speaking on the mobile or use of any headphone device is prohibited. Speed limits have to be carefully adhered to. Parking is prohibited in all areas where the curb is painted yellow.Parking is metered in some areas. In other areas, spaces are marked in blue. A ticket needs to be purchased to park in these spaces. In some places, there is a machine for purchasing tickets. In other areas, an attendant is present to sell the tickets. Most of these areas have a two hour limit. The car may be towed if it exceeds the time limit or is parked in a restricted area. A sticker is left on the curb telling where the car has been taken. High fines will have to be paid to get the car back. Vacationing in Alicante by car is a great experience if the planning is done accurately and in advance. The choice of car rental service provider should be done carefully taking all the factors in consideration

Alicante Car Hire

With over 25 years of experience, offering exclusive services for vacationing in Alicante. One of the very few travel agencies in Spain that operates a fleet of over 200 rental vehicles ranging from 2 door cars to 5 door cars. The highlights of the services provided are- no hidden costs, no cancellation fee, breakdown assistance, and insurance cover. The rates ( differ according to category of the car.Quotes ( for chosen cars are available online. Car hire can be booked ( online in advance. Apart from car hire the package offer includes accommodation facilities ( in three star to five star hotels, country clubs, resorts with many facilities, and self-catering apartments and villas . Golf tee times ( for the various golf courses are booked for the tourists. The Customer Support staff constantly responds to the doubts and queries ( of the growing number of clients.

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