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Photography Courses

Description: Professional photography courses UK - Brook School of Photography offers 1, 2, 3 & 5 Day professional portrait & wedding photography courses for keen amateurs looking to develop a photography hobby into a profitable business.

Learn every aspect of the business from lighting to book-keeping in a professional photographic studio environment… Courses are very practical, allowing students to create a professional portfolio from the outset. Every detail of commercial photography is taught by experienced professionals - all seminars are based on real-world business practices, sharing real-world information and experiences - including pricing and costing. Students are also given tuition in good bookkeeping practice and the day to day running of a photography business.

Practical portrait photography sessions in the studio focus on familiarity with lighting & studio equipment (both home & mobile studios), how to set-up the studio lights for different looks (including high and low key), measure the flash correctly, pose models and manipulate digital images using digital imaging software.

Wedding photography courses teach every aspect of wedding photography - from obtaining bookings through to producing the final album. Students will learn how to successfully and efficiently run a photography business and the costs involved - with shoots with models on location at a church and in the studio. Technical difficulties commonly encountered when photographing the intimate portraits of the bride and groom are also covered, as well as how to set-up and pose the group photographs.