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Avon Friends Forum

Description: The Avon Friends Forum was launched in 2007 to offer support and advice to other Avon Cosmetics girls (and guys) throughout the UK. Since then, it has become a buzzing community of Avon workers keen to get involved in the current discussions, contribute to the forums knowledge base/support sections and enjoy the other features the site has to offer.

The forum is a free resource to help the girls of Avon to market their home based businesses and advertise themselves across the web with features such as the "Viacode Sales Leaders Database" which allows new prospects who are thinking about joining Avon to locate their local Avon Sales Leader quickly via a simple postcode search in order to go through the sign up process.

Hannah and Karyn Wilson are the driving force behind the forum. Having previously worked for Archaos - a family owned web development business - they are keen to develop the site further over the next few years until the forum becomes synonymous with Avon support.