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Aquarist Classifieds

Description: Aquarist Classifieds is a web venue where one can view and list any fishkeeping stock or accessories for sale. There are thousands of adverts to currently view. The site is well established and very popular for fishkeeping hobbyists to use. You can upload pictures and return to edit the advert as often as you wish.

Comparison Shop ( At the Comparison Shop you can find unbiased reports on prices for fishkeeping accessories.

Fishkeeping Forum ( Here at the forum you can tap into a group of seasoned fishkeeping experts commnets as well as newbies, and get answers to questions you may have about the care for your fish and equipment. A very lively forum. Categories are: All Topics, General, Cichlids, Marine, Coldwater, Tanks/Equipment, Diseases, Chat/Webmaster.

Auction Pages ( Within the auction pages, the webmaster has gathered auction items to do with fishkeeping, covering all aspects of the hobby from livestock to filters, lighting and aquariums, new and used. Some bargains are to be had with complete aquarium set-ups, you can save loads on equipment this way. The auction items originate from ebay, somehow they are updated continuously to ensure fresh results. A search facilty is also available.

Discus ( For the discus enthusiasts in this category of classifieds, there are numberous discus for sale, especially for the UK discus hobbyist. Many discus colour varieties are for sale, often with full colour photos. Especially interesting are those adverts listed from successful hobby home breeders, but also it is good to see some larger retailers import from overseas specialist breeders.

Catfish ( There is much interest ni catfish in the UK, and from this link you can see catfish for sale. All types are available, such as tank busters like red tailed and shovelnose cats, (some large specimens) as well as the more common community catfish. But there is much interest in L number catfish, especially the current 'holy grail' of zebra catfish, where high prices are being asked and granted.

Koi, Pond Goldfish, Fancy Goldfish & Pondkeeping ( Garden ponds can bring much beauty to a garden, but are alos an absorbing hobby for many. In this section of adverts, you can see pond equipment including pond filters, UV sterlizers, fountains and more for sale. Also often for sale with accompanying photos are some high quality koi (japanese koi and UK bred). In the UK there seems to be a growing resurgence in the interest of fancy goldfish - higher quality specimens. But, there are very few available in the UK.

Aquariums & Equipment ( Hundreds of aquariums are available in this section. These include made to measure aquariums and complete set-ups. Well worth checking out if you are looking to expand your aquarium. Freshwater tropical fish tanks and well equipped marine reef aquariums are for sale.

Marine Fish ( Marine Inverts ( If you are a marine fishkeeping enthusiast, maybe into reef aquariums, or just marine fish only tanks, then you will be very interested in this part of the website. Loads of marine fish, inverts, frags, etc are for sale and wanted. All for the UK hobbyist.

Malawi Cichlids & Tanganyikan Cichlids ( A strong favourite for many on this website are Malawi Cichlids & Tanganyikan Cichlids. These fish are exceptional in colour and personality. Rift Valley Cichlids (as they are also known as) are very popular in the UK, and here is where you can procure some fresh stock.

Cichlids ( There are though many other cichlids besides those above. In this category on the website, you can view many adverts offering a wide variety of cichlids for sale. A favourite are oscars, also convicts, as well as dwarf cichlids. The list is endless.

Tropical Fish ( For all other tropical fish, here is the place to visit. Are you looking for some unusual tropical fish? whether these are tetras, pirhanas (deliberate mistake), livebearers, or anything else, here is where to visit. Stingrays, Killifish and Arowanas are often for sale.