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AnsteyDesign - Graphic Design studio based in Alton Hampshire

Description: AnsteyDesign is a creative graphic design and communication studio which is based in Alton, Hampshire (England). They are headed up by lead designer David McArthur who has over 10 years in Graphic Design and has specialised for 6 years in the Employee Benefits design and communication field. This gives AnsteyDesign a unique approach to the world of graphic design and has led to them describing themselves as "Visual Communicators" rather than the standard, "Print, Web or Multimedia" design team. Where as other graphic design studios make their designs look as beautiful as possible, with AnsteyDesign this never is to the detriment to the end user. They always maintain as high a level of clarity to their work as possible whilst maximising creativity.

AnsteyDesign has several large blue collar clients and likes to get their clients involved with design projects. They find this improves working relationships but also productivity and the final result.