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Anglo Saxon Treasure

Description: Anglo Saxon finds are highly prized by Archaeologists because they offer tantalising scraps of information about a time where there is not much known about the history of Britain. This period of history is also know as the dark ages. Past finds that have yielded exciting finds include the burial at Sutton Hoo, the book of Kell and more recently a spectacular discovery in Staffordshire. This was found by an amateur metal detector and the site produced 1500 pieces containing gold jewellery, decorated sword hilts and many other items of nobility.

It is theorised that as the site gives no evidence of being a burial the treasure was probably a stolen hoard hidden or dropped by one of Britains may raiders at that time.

This find is likely to provide even more historical facts about a relatively unknown age in British history. It is an era that has long fascinated enthusiast of British mythology and is thought to be when the legendary King Arthur reigned. Although there is no evidence that the Arthurian story is true it may be that some authorative figure from this time could have influenced later story telling of the legend.