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Andrea Harrn, qualified in counselling, psychotherapy and CBT. Counsellor in Essex and London.

Description: I am an integrative counsellor which means I integrate various counselling concepts, models, techniques and approaches to work with clients to achieve their goals. I trained in counselling and psychotherapy at the University of East London on an integrative course under the late and renowned Tony Merry (person-centred), Professor Ian Horton (author Sage Book of Counselling and Psychotherapy), Rowan Bayne (MBTI personality theory and assertiveness training) and Dr Patrizia Collard (CBT, stress management and multimodal therapy). I then undertook further training in CBT at the Centre for Stress Management. I also work with meditation and mindfulness training which teaches clients to become intentionally aware of thoughts and actions in the present moment. I am passionate, positive and energetic about my work as a counsellor. I acknowledge the importance of the whole person - mind, emotions, body and spirit.