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All-Eco Water Soluble Bag Solutions

Description: All-Eco Water Soluble Bag Solutions offers a wide range of specifically engineered water soluble bags for specific material handling applications. The All-Eco Institutional Laundry Bag is designed to safely contain soiled hospital, long-term care facility, hotel, dormitory and dining room in a manner that minimizes manual contact and safely contains the bag's contents until it is deposited into the institututional laundry machine where the bag instantly disolves as the linens are cleaned. All-ECo Flushable Puppy Pouches are designed to help handle and dispose of dog waste using conventional toilets, where the bag disolves as the waste goes down the drain. All-Eco Hotel Guest Laundry Bags are designed for hotels who want to pamper thier guests with the latest in customer convenience, a guest laundry bag that can be popped into thier home washing machine where the bag disolves as the laundry is cleaned.