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4Sync is an amazing free application that links all of your computers together. It's the easiest way to back up and sync your files. The 4Sync is an app that tracks changes in the folder on your computer and syncs any changes to the web account.

Files accessible from any computer:

There’s no need to save your files at all computers separately – with 4shared Sync you can do it just once, at home, or in the office, and all files will be accessible from any other computer as well.

Protect your files without effort:

4shared Sync keeps all your files protected from viruses, PC crashes, etc. and all synchronized files have their back-up on your free 15GB secured account at 4shared.com

Totally free:

4shared Sync totally free! You get easy to use application to sync all your files at any devices plus 4shared gives you 10GB secured online storage for your files.

Easy to use:

4shared Sync was designed to make synchronizing process as simple as possible. Once you sign in at 4shared Sync application you get instant access to all your files at web account.