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Hello Aerik Sylvan, creator of this Wiki'd Web Directory. It really is wiki good, I love what you've done and I feel previleged to belong to Wikidweb.

Suzanna Aaring


Thanks Suzanna, it's always nice to find someone who likes the site! --Aerik Sylvan 02:02, 13 May 2006 (MDT)


This wiki is the best option for a free interent directory that I've seen. It really has great potential and I'm surprised that it isn't much bigger already. The value in a directory rather than search engines is going to be in the categorization. Unless sites are placed in meaningful and fine-grained categories it won't quite work. It seems to me that the construction of category branches needs a guiding hand to give a consistant, and hence useful, structure.
*One big problem with ODP is people not knowing the right category - a large numbers of submissions going to a general or high level category, or just a completely wrong category and clogging up the system.
*The other problem is people spamming lots of categories with marginal or irrelevant sites (which have to weeded out by editors slowing down the building the directory).
As this site picks up and companies and SEOs recognize its value, these are going to be biggies here too I suspect. --Wikikiwi 19:05, 23 Oct 2006 (MDT)