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This is a draft special page implementing 'Category Intersections' described on en:Village_Pump and Category_Math ( on Meta. It's working pretty well, but I'm still refining it, particularly the functioning of exclusions.

get_cats Results having categories: L:English AND Loan_Services

Related Categories (Categories intersecting selection)
CategoryFreqJumpNew listInclude
Loan Services 502jump new X
L:English 475jump new X
Financing 100jump new incl
Real Estate 38jump new incl
21jump new incl
Consumer 20jump new incl
Investing 18jump new incl
Consulting 14jump new incl
Legal 10jump new incl
Mortgage Companies 5jump new incl

CategoryFreqJumpNew list
Loan Services/Refinance 4.48334121704102jump new
Loan Services/Mortgage 4.48334121704102jump new

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