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This is a draft special page implementing 'Category Intersections' described on en:Village_Pump and Category_Math ( on Meta. It's working pretty well, but I'm still refining it, particularly the functioning of exclusions.

get_cats Results having categories: Home AND Home_and_Garden

Related Categories (Categories intersecting selection)
CategoryFreqJumpNew listInclude
Home and Garden 2075jump new X
L:English 2002jump new incl
Gifts and Novelties 136jump new incl
Construction and Maintenance 54jump new incl
North America 42jump new incl
Home Security 36jump new incl
Home 31jump new X
Real Estate 31jump new incl
Shopping 30jump new incl
Animals 27jump new incl

CategoryFreqJumpNew list
Home Improvement 10.2190380096436jump new
Home Decor 7.23684215545654jump new
Swimming Pool & Spa 7.23684215545654jump new
Lawn and Garden 7.23684215545654jump new
Cooking 7.23684215545654jump new
Housing Rentals 7.15548944473267jump new
Bathrooms 7.15548944473267jump new
Bookcases 7.15548944473267jump new

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