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This is a draft special page implementing 'Category Intersections' described on en:Village_Pump and Category_Math ( on Meta. It's working pretty well, but I'm still refining it, particularly the functioning of exclusions.

get_cats Results having categories: Education

Related Categories (Categories intersecting selection)
CategoryFreqJumpNew listInclude
Education 38jump new X
L:English 16jump new incl
Science and Technology 7jump new incl
Math 6jump new incl
Family and Children 2jump new incl
2jump new incl
Business and Finance 2jump new incl
Computers and Internet 2jump new incl
E-learning 2jump new incl
London GB 1jump new incl

CategoryFreqJumpNew list
Homeschooling 7.02208662033081jump new
Sports Training 7.02208662033081jump new
Scholarly societies 7.02208662033081jump new
Tutoring 7.02208662033081jump new
Quotations 7.02208662033081jump new
Colleges and Universities 7.02208662033081jump new
Language Courses 7.02208662033081jump new
Music Education 7.02208662033081jump new
Preschools 6.94314813613892jump new
Cooking Schools 6.94314813613892jump new
Vocational and Adult Education 6.94314813613892jump new
Business Seminars 6.94314813613892jump new
Science Education 6.94314813613892jump new
Economics 6.94314813613892jump new
Driver Training 6.94314813613892jump new

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