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This is a draft special page implementing 'Category Intersections' described on en:Village_Pump and Category_Math ( on Meta. It's working pretty well, but I'm still refining it, particularly the functioning of exclusions.

get_cats Results having categories: Cooking AND L:English

Related Categories (Categories intersecting selection)
CategoryFreqJumpNew listInclude
Cooking 257jump new X
L:English 241jump new X
Food and Beverages 57jump new incl
Home and Garden 25jump new incl
Diet and Nutrition 12jump new incl
Recipes 7jump new incl
L:Spanish 5jump new incl
Gifts and Novelties 5jump new incl
Health Advice 4jump new incl
Hunting and Fishing 4jump new incl

CategoryFreqJumpNew list
Recipes 5.16821193695068jump new
Cooking Schools 5.11011362075806jump new

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