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This is a draft special page implementing 'Category Intersections' described on en:Village_Pump and Category_Math ( on Meta. It's working pretty well, but I'm still refining it, particularly the functioning of exclusions.

get_cats Results having categories: Automobiles

Related Categories (Categories intersecting selection)
CategoryFreqJumpNew listInclude
Automobiles 1145jump new X
L:English 1096jump new incl
Motorcycles 31jump new incl
City Destinations 27jump new incl
Recreational Travel 26jump new incl
Europe 23jump new incl
Trucking and Logistics 21jump new incl
Classifieds 20jump new incl
Vacation Rentals 16jump new incl
Shipping Services 12jump new incl

CategoryFreqJumpNew list
Parts 3.70467615127563jump new
Radar Detectors 3.70467615127563jump new
Automobile Fuel Economy 3.70467615127563jump new
Automobile Rental 3.70467615127563jump new

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