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To add a new entry to the WikidWeb directory, enter it (www.yoursite.tld or in the search-box at left and click "Add". This will determine if your site, or a similar one, is already listed. If it is not, it will give you a form to add your listing. Below the form are any pages matching a search with your listing as a keyword (is your listing already in the directory with an alternate url? - please don't double list).

PLEASE NOTE: Add deep links only to the listing for the parent site - do not give them their own listing if they are actually part of a larger site, as follows:

If you have a wide range of content and you want to point users to specific things, that's okay too. Enter your top level site or page, then you can link to sub-pages and give descriptions etc., all within your one listing. We ask that you don't add an entry for every page however, just the really noteworthy ones with significantly different content. Be sure to enter links to sub-domains or sub-pages after the main listing tags.

Please make listings only in English - support for other languages may be added later.

After you have added your listing, you may wish to categorize it.

Here is an example showing a listing and the wikicode.

Please also read the General Disclaimer for important notes about the use of this site.